Nectar Marketplace has closed on January 22, 2024. However, you can still access Nectar leads, plus more via MediaAlpha for Agents, an easy to use, lead buying platform that connects you with high-intent consumers. Click here to get started. You can also email Questions? Visit our FAQs page!
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About Us

Combining best-in-class data science, technology, and marketing efforts, Assurance IQ, LLC has proven the ability to push innovation across the insurance space. The Nectar Marketplace extends that innovation to provide the insurance industry with transparent referrals from trustworthy sources. Nectar referrals are real, they are fresh, and they are sold only to you.

Nectar offers health, Medicare, and life insurance shoppers by what they are looking for and what our users offer. By connecting the right shopper with the right agent, the experience for the shopper remains personal and excellent. In the end, the shopping experience for the shopper can mean all the difference.

Over the past four years, Assurance has been disrupting the insurance industry. With Nectar, you can expect the same referral quality and transparency Assurance agents use to close shoppers. Nectar provides an easy-to-use website so you can manage and scale the amount and type of high-intent leads you need for your business.

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