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Email Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Marketing Tips
Oct 12, 2021
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Jacob Tegtman
Email Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

You’ve probably tried email marketing for your insurance company before, or at least given it some thought. If you aren’t utilizing email outreach already, now is the time to start. Email marketing is a relatively easy process to set up and has large potential upsides for client growth and retention.

In this guide, we’ll give you the ins and outs of email marketing. Read on for our top email marketing tips for insurance agents.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending regular branded emails to an audience who’s opted in to hear from you. It keeps your business’s name in front of both current and prospective clients to increase sales opportunities and build a relationship with your customers.

If you’re like many agency owners, one of the things that may have held you back from setting up email marketing in the past is wondering if the method still works. Email is not exactly an ultra-modern technology, after all. To put your mind at ease, in the insurance industry, emails still have an open rate of 21.36% on average.

Imagine if you have a current book of business or prospects list, numbering in the hundreds or thousands. If you keep your insurance agency in front of those people regularly with email — in a way that they enjoy — you increase your likelihood of generating new business and renewals each year.

Email Marketing Requires Consistency

As with all marketing strategies, remember that email marketing takes some time to produce results. A consistent marketing effort is key, no matter what approach you take. Once you get started, it may sometimes be tempting to skip sending out your newsletter. But, your consistency builds trust. As trust and your list grow, you’ll reach more people with the same amount of effort.

Dial in Your Email Frequency

A word of caution: Don’t think that more frequent emailing is better for your business. In many cases, people appreciate some contact. But too much (every other day, for example) can sometimes cause them to become overwhelmed, and opt-out of your emails. Even monthly emails work wonders. This should be comforting news as it shows how little time you really need to invest in your email marketing strategy. Pick a newsletter frequency you can achieve and stick with it — you can always increase the frequency later.

Choose Your Email Format

One common format is the newsletter, which allows you to devote short sections to each part of your business or upcoming events that you want to talk about.

If you create small sections within your newsletter and separate them with headers, you allow your readers the opportunity to skip ahead to the sections that interest them the most. Anywhere around 200 words seems to be the sweet spot. Add in some high-quality photos, an email signature at the bottom, and your basic layout is good to go.

Educate Your Audience

There are many ways to engage with your email list. But one of the most effective is to use it as an opportunity to educate your audience. The world of insurance is somewhat of a mystery to anyone on the outside. 

For instance, you could write an email series on insurance myths or a series of tips on how to determine what coverage they might need. Think of ways to address the issues that people don’t commonly know about in their policies so you're providing value for your readers.

Make an Offer

In every outreach you make, include an offer. When working with insurance prospects, we recommend:

  • Asking if you can give them a quote.
  • Offering to set up an appointment to review their policies.
  • Making an offer to do business with you.

One of the powerful techniques of email marketing is to simply include a hyperlink in the email to your agency website. Include your website link in your email signature. Additionally – and even better – consider including links to your site throughout your email. People are far more likely to click on a link and request a quote on your site if they see your offer multiple times.

Expand Your List

Each time you send out an email for marketing purposes, do your best to make sure the list you’re using is larger than the one you reached out to last time.

  • Ask prospects you engage with if they’d be interested in joining your email newsletter for free no obligation insurance tips and education.
  • Include an email newsletter sign-up on your website.
  • Offer email newsletter sign-ups at events or networking meetings you attend.

One important note: always include an “unsubscribe” option at the footer of your email, which is also required in order to be CAN-SPAM compliant.  

Most people never use it (especially if you already asked to include them in your email list), but they appreciate the choice.

Don't Try to DIY Your Email Marketing

Before sending out your first email, you’ll want to consider subscribing to an email marketing tool. Using one of these tools helps your emails get past recipients’ spam filters and may offer more options for designing your email to look professional. Email marketing tools also allow you to track open rates, personalize outreach (include each recipient’s name in the email), and segment your email lists (prospects vs. existing customers) so you can get the best results.

ConvertKit, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact are three of the most used email marketing tools. Look for tools that are user-friendly, easy to set up, and flexible in options as your email list grows.

How Will You Capture Insurance Leads?

Email marketing helps insurance agents retain clients and increases sales. While you're developing your email marketing methods, though, we're here to help.  

Nectar offers real-time insurance leads to help you close more sales more quickly. You may not always need to purchase leads once you've developed a strong internal marketing program. But until then, we can help get your agency moving faster in the right direction by providing real-time insurance leads. 

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