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10 Essential Mobile Apps for Every Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent Development
Oct 5, 2021
minute read
Janet Hunt
10 Essential Mobile Apps for Every Insurance Agent

Life as an insurance agent can be hectic. You are always on the go. You may find your day is almost over, and you haven’t even accomplished half of your to-do list, much less found any new insurance prospects to turn into customers. 

Don’t let your schedule get the best of you. There are ways you can take back control of your time. Mobile apps are one of the best tools at your disposal. 

What Mobile Apps Can Do for You

If you find yourself constantly behind schedule, you may wonder how you'll ever catch up. Welcome to the age of digital technology! If you carry a mobile device with you, you can find a way to be several places at once. You don't need a clone; you only need to download some mobile apps to help you manage your insurance business. There are apps to help with organization skills, time management, keeping up with your schedule, managing appointments, and so much more.

According to data from the 2020 Applied Digital Agency Annual Report, incorporating mobile applications into your digital strategy can help you manage your time better, which will, in turn, help you sell more policies. Investing in digital technology like mobile applications can deliver a return for your insurance business in less than a year.

10 Great Apps for Insurance Agents

For insurance producers, technology can play a crucial role in improving the sales culture in your agency and help you live up to your high expectations, reach new clients, and sell more policies. 

Here are 10 mobile app suggestions for you. Any of these mobile apps can help you better manage your insurance business and find more time to turn insurance prospects into end customers.

Get Organization Help with QQCatalyst

QQCatalyst is an agency management system that helps you stay organized by providing operations, sales, and marketing tools. As a result, you can spend less time focusing on agency operations and more time growing your book of business. 

QQCatayst provides functions to help you with sales and marketing automation, managing client records, and more. You can switch from a desktop to a mobile device easily. In addition, you can also save your work if you get interrupted and resume it later.

Manage Your Time Wisely with RescueTime

Only you can make needed changes to increase your productivity. RescueTime is an excellent tool for creating balance in your personal and professional life. Do you need to get some of your time back? Look at how much time you spend on activities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

RescueTime tracks your activities using websites and applications and lets you see just how much time you spend performing each activity so that you can make needed changes. It's an excellent tool for creating balance in your personal and professional life. By taking back some of your time, you can decrease your stress level and be ready to go out and conquer those prospects to make more insurance sales.

Manage Your Leads More Effectively with Radiusbob

Radiusbob is a lead management and CRM tool combined in one application. You can create email messages and text messages to prospects without using a separate email marketing service. Some of the tools of Radiusbob you may find helpful for managing your leads include sales automation tasks like distributing leads and generating quotes.

Missed opportunities are one of the worst motivation killers for the insurance producer. Radiusbob can give you the ability to centralize customer information and have this data available right at your fingertips. Instead of letting clients slip right through your fingertips, you can have the ability to track leads from the first meeting to the final sale.

You can also use Radius Bob’s automated marketing for new leads you enter into your contact list. Many agents also like the templates for newsletters, autoresponders, appointment reminders, and more. In addition, the integrated telephony/VoIP tool allows you to make and receive calls inside the platform and integrate with other websites, lead vendors, quotes engines, and more third-party apps.

Get Help Trip Planning with Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is an excellent all-around road trip app for all your planned or spur-of-the-moment client meetings. You can create your route, plan activities, find meals and lodging, and book your hotel all from your phone. In addition, you can save your favorite places and discover hidden treasures along your route.

Collaborate on Projects with Trello

For many insurance professionals, working from home is not a luxury; it's a necessity. As an insurance producer, you know you need flexible work accommodations and the ability to connect with clients and office personnel at a moment’s notice. Your office may be a motel room desk on your way to your next tradeshow event. For the best collaboration, you’ll need practical connection tools like Trello.

Trello is a project management app available for any mobile device and as a web application. With Trello, you can collaborate on projects with multiple users from work or home, or anywhere you may be. You’ll be able to create custom boards to manage any of your current projects. In addition, you can invite others to collaborate on your projects and customize workflows for different projects. It will sync your contact list, and you can invite people to participate in your projects by email. 

Trello is perfect if you need to collaborate with other insurance producers in your office but have to be on the road or work remotely.

Manage Your Files Conveniently with Documents 6

Documents 6 is a file management app that lets you sync folders from the cloud. It's a mobile hub for all your files available to iPhone and iPad users. You can conveniently read EPUB books, view Word and Excel documents, and open ZIP files, images, and PDF files. It's a convenient app to have if you want to sync all of your cloud storage devices in one place.

Help Manage Your Contact List with CamCard

If you are like most insurance agents, you may receive several business cards as you go about your day. Instead of stuffing those cards in your wallet or losing them, why not instantly turn them into contacts? CamCard is a business card reader that can automatically turn store the business cards you receive in your digital address book. 

CamCard will help you scan, manage, sync, and exchange business cards all from your smartphone. If you use Salesforce, you can scan your business cards directly. You can also add notes to cards, set reminders, tag, and share cards.  Since insurance is a business dependant on strong relationships, efficiently and quickly storing contact info helps you prioritize those relationships and grow your insurance business.      

Get Document Signing Help with signNow

When you get those subtle signals from a client that they're ready to buy a policy, you may not have much time to make the sale. That's where an autofill app for forms like signNow can help when you need a way for clients to e-sign PDF documents on the fly. You can conduct business quickly from any device. The app works for single-page documents needing one signature or contracts requiring multiple signatures. It's a tremendous time-saving application for busy insurance agents.

Organize Your Thoughts with Evernote

If you struggle to organize your thoughts, you may find Evernote beneficial to help with notetaking. The app lets you capture information quickly when you're on the go. You can then download your notes to any other device or share data via your mobile device. You can also record audio, create checklists, forward emails from your account, and so much more.

Simplify Expense Reporting with Expensify

Have you ever lost a gas or hotel receipt when traveling to see clients? With Expensify, receipt tracking and managing expenses are so much easier. Depending on the version you download, you'll have unlimited scans, automatic mileage tracking, indefinite receipt storage, auto-categorization of costs, and the capability to auto-export to your accounting software. Several versions are available with varying capabilities.

Improve Efficiency via Mobile Apps

Embracing the right technology can simplify your work life, improve your mental clarity, and help you stay prepared to make that next big sale. Mobile app technology could be just the thing you need to boost your insurance sales.

For your insurance business to grow, you continually have to seek new ways to improve your productivity. Adopting mobile apps into your digital strategy will help you improve your efficiency as an insurance agent.

The more you improve your efficiency as an insurance agent, the more time you will have to go out and chase down leads. Of course, if you would rather spend your time making sales than making cold calls, you can rely on Nectar for fresh, real-time insurance leads who are eager to talk to you about their insurance needs. We find and deliver insurance shoppers to you right when they're ready to talk, so you can focus on selling. Sign up today to get started. 

This article reflects the features of Nectar as of the date of publication. Features are subject to change at any time. This article is meant for informational purposes only, it is not a guarantee that using Nectar will help you achieve specific business or financial results and is not intended to serve as the sole recommendation for any business financial decisions.


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