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20 Proven Sales Tips for 2022 Guaranteed To Drive Growth

Sales Enablement
Jan 20, 2022
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Nectar Team
20 Proven Sales Tips for 2022 Guaranteed To Drive Growth

The pandemic brought new challenges in every sphere of life, sales being no different. So, it makes sense that building customer relationships may look a little different as the world begins to reopen. Priorities have changed, goals reevaluated, and your client reach has widened.

There are tried and true sales techniques that will be around forever. But with new technologies available and more people integrating them into daily life, it's easy to see why implementing new ones could boost your sales strategy for 2022. We've put together a list of the best ones out there.

1. Relationships are Key

Selling is now about the journey, not just a single transaction. Your focus has to be on more than just closing a sale. You're creating an experience and meeting a need. Your customer will share what their experience was like, whether it was great working with you, or and especially if, it wasn’t.

2. Self-Awareness

Mindset is important. Tony Robbins says that success is 80% psychological and 20% strategic. Confidence in your skills will go a long way. Working on yourself, how you respond to situations, your work ethic, your ability to hear “no” and not get defeated will all play a role in the level of success you’re able to achieve.  

3. Learn Interview Skills from the Best

Ask anyone. A conversation starts with great questions. Empathy and understanding stem from an authentic interest in someone. This is the foundation of building trust in a relationship. Listen to a few podcasts or watch a YouTube tutorial. There are plenty of resources available that will have an instant impact on your ability to ask the right questions.  

4. Be a Great Listener

After you’ve learned how to ask great questions, being invested in the answers and listening well is the next step. Your customer will tell you what they need and how to solve it. Even better if you’re able to highlight pain points they haven’t yet considered.  

If your client knows that you are focused on listening to what they have to say, they will have a deeper sense of confidence in your ability to address their needs. This will also save both you and the client frustration down the road, avoiding unnecessary back and forth. You should want to understand what your client faces and have a desire to actually solve the concern, not just make a quick sale.  

5. Be the CEO

Even if this is your side hustle, it’s your business, and you should run it like one. Show up, dress well, get organized, and create systems to keep you and your business on track. Look and act like a professional.  

6. You’re Selling to a Human Being

Don’t forget that your customer is just as human as you are. They have families, careers and work deadlines too.  

7. Add Value

You need to build trust with potential customers. They need to know that you know what you’re talking about and that they can rely on your expertise. Give them a reason to see the value in working with you.  

8. Empathize

Everyone has met the type of salesperson who tends to be the punchline of a sales-related joke. The ones who seem aloof and uncaring, just out to make a sale. Don’t be that person.

9. Give the Client Time

The days of pushy salespeople are over. People deserve the time to make the right decision. You provide the value, offer advice and educate. Clients will end up selling themselves.

10. Contact the Lead Within Five Minutes

While you definitely don’t want to come off as pushy, research shows that interest levels drop dramatically for every minute you wait after initial contact. This can be important when trying to build your sales funnel, making sure contact is made as soon as possible. A study done by Harvard Business Review of 2,241 B2B sales teams found that leads contacted within 5 minutes of showing interest are dramatically more likely to convert (Source: Harvard Business Review).

11. Mirror Your Lead

Pay attention to how your customer communicates and imitate their behavior. For example, some may be more comfortable in a casual conversation while others would prefer a straight-laced business interaction. Adjust your body language and mirror their words. Mirroring is also a great way to assist with active listening. Just make sure it’s subtle.  

12. Track Everything

Performance, key sales metrics, client birthdays, customer interactions, sales pipeline, progress—you’ll have a better chance for growth and success if you have a system in place to track and review.  

13. Follow Up

The latest research shows that the majority of sales require 5 interactions after you’ve made initial contact with the client. This is why it’s important to have a relational mindset. It allows for regular contact to feel natural and ensures you can in fact make those 5 interactions happen without being too pushy.  

14. Don’t Speak Negatively About the Competition

Be polite when talking about your competition. The way you speak about them says more about you than it ever would about them. Nothing says unprofessional like using derogatory language when discussing other clients or businesses.  

15. Categorize Your Leads

Learn how to distinguish between your lead types. Only about 25% of leads are ready to make a purchase. (Source: Gleanster Research)  Have different strategies for each type of lead. All leads shouldn’t enter your sales funnel at the same place and lead scoring will help you prioritize leads and adjust your outreach efforts.  

16. Niche Down Your Targeting

You already know to pre-qualify your leads. But with the influx of tools on the market, you can be tracking and targeting your ideal customer much easier these days.  

17. Be Prepared

If you are walking into a meeting or have a client call scheduled, prepare beforehand. Know your clients’ names and have a meeting agenda. Have reference material available in preparation for questions.  

18. Email Automation

Think about your customer’s journey, from first impression on your website to purchase. Create a timed sequence of emails that provide value and educate your customer, and don’t forget to sound human. Automated doesn’t mean robotic.

19. Surround Yourself With Great Influences

Networking is important. Not only for finding clients or getting referrals. It’s also a great way to learn from those who have walked the same path and found success. Be humble and willing to listen to advice and feedback. Building a solid network of people who support each other can have a positive impact on your entire business.  

20. Ask For Referrals

And lastly, talk to your happy customers about referrals. A survey done by Texas Tech University found that 83% of customers are happy to share a referral after a great experience and Harvard Business Review found that 90% of buying decisions were influenced by peer recommendation (Source: Texas Tech University, Harvard Business Review)

90% of buying decisions are influenced by peer recommendations

Who wouldn't want an arsenal of great sales techniques?  

It’s about more than just closing a sale now. It’s about building long-term relationships, researching your market, and personalization. An effective strategy is one that is often reevaluated for effectiveness and tweaked when necessary, to meet the inevitable changing climate. Master the sales tips that make the most sense for your outreach plan and clientele, and make 2022 your most successful year yet.  

Mindfulness tips that drive sales infographic


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