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What To Look for When Buying Live-Transfer Leads

Buying Insurance Leads
Apr 12, 2022
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Nectar Team
What To Look for When Buying Live-Transfer Leads

If you're an insurance advisor looking to give your business a boost, you'll want to reach as many people as possible with your products and services. Naturally, your goal is to find prospects with the greatest likelihood of becoming customers. It may take some trial and error before you find the most productive way to secure new business. 

There are many ways to gather leads, but a warm prospect is much more preferable than a cold contact who is not typically looking to purchase a new home or auto policy — or switch from their current carrier. The live-transfer lead method is one of the best ways to speak with warm prospects who are actively shopping for an insurance policy.

But what should you look for in a live-transfer lead service? How do you know you're getting a good one? We'll cover that and more in this article.

What Are Live-Transfer Leads?

A live-transfer lead is a potential customer that's on the phone and is engaged and looking to buy what you offer. In between you and the prospect is a service provider that gauges the interest of the prospective buyer. If the screener assesses that the prospect is a good fit for your product and ready to buy, then they route the call directly to you. At that point, you can do what you do best: sell.

Why You Should Consider Live-Transfer Leads

As an insurance salesperson, you have multiple duties, but one of your most important objectives is growing your book of business. Growth depends on your ability to continually add new customers to your existing client base. One of the best ways to increase revenue is by exploring as many prospecting channels as possible.

Live-transfer leads essentially deliver potential customers directly to you. They allow you to maximize the use of your time while potentially increasing the return on investment (ROI) you've committed to acquiring customers. 

An additional benefit of live-transfer leads is that you can relax your sales approach with these prospects. Much of the qualifying process has already been done for you. While speaking with these potential clients, you can spend more time focusing on the quality of your products and services rather than warming prospects to the idea of buying in the first place. You can also concentrate on building rapport with contacts rather than adopting an aggressive sales approach.

Key Features of a Quality Live-Transfer Service

In the insurance sales business, activity breeds success. You must constantly think of innovative ways to bring new customers into the fold and enhance the relationships you have with existing clients. Before you set off on a prospecting campaign, it's prudent to do a cost-benefit analysis. Part of that evaluation will be where to purchase leads. 

There are a number of sources from which you can obtain live-transfer insurance leads. However, not all these services are created equal. Before you choose one, there are some features to look for in a quality provider and in the leads themselves. Here are some features to look for when you're doing your due diligence.

What's the return on investment?

If you're tracking ROI for other marketing efforts, you will eventually get an idea of what customer acquisition method gives you the most bang for your buck. Perhaps you've tried internet leads or purchased lists in the past to increase your customer base. A bona fide live-transfer service will offer quality leads that beat the return you're realizing with other prospecting sources. 

Does it optimize the time you spend on prospecting?

Naturally, you need to make the best use of your time. In insurance sales, that usage typically translates to earnings in a certain time period. With a quality live-transfer lead service, you should find you spend fewer hours hunting down potential customers with call-backs, voice mail, text messages, or any other methods you use to follow up on internet leads. Live transfers should put you on the line with interested buyers in real time.

Does it prescreen prospects?

At times, when you receive a lead from an internet source, by the time you call, the prospect can't remember expressing any interest in your services. It's a common occurrence with stale leads that may not have reached your desktop for several months. 

Live-transfer leads should place you directly in a phone conversation with people who have a genuine interest in buying at that moment. A thorough prequalification should have been completed before you connect with the prospect. If your live-transfer leads aren't interested in your products, then something is wrong with your lead provider.

Does it improve your closing ratios?

To gauge performance and productivity, you might assign metrics to yourself or other sales personnel in your office. A closing ratio allows you to see which type of leads are the most effective. With warm prospects, you should see ratios improve based on your live-transfer calls. 

When weighing the value of your live-transfer service, you should be able to see a clear boost in closing ratios. And once you witness how live transfers drive sales, you can shift more resources toward them.

Does it help with your retention rates?

It's much less expensive to keep a great customer than to find a new one. When you receive quality leads through live transfers, you can allocate time more efficiently toward the prospecting process. And when obtaining and closing takes less time and money with live transfers, you can commit more resources toward ensuring that you're addressing your current customers' needs. Satisfied customers tend to be more loyal and more likely to stick around for the long haul.

When you're trying out live-transfer leads, be sure the service you're getting enables you to spend more time on your current clients and less time prospecting.

Does it help you build your referral base?

When you're able to free up time to engage with loyal clients, you'll notice an interesting phenomenon. As clients have children of their own, you'll often see these new generations come to you for their insurance needs. Family referrals may also be accompanied by friends and co-workers of current clients. This is an indirect result of cultivating relationships. 

Does it help you attract and retain a productive sales team?

If you are looking to add sales personnel to your agency, you're likely competing with other agencies for quality producers. One of the biggest concerns for sales-oriented staff is how to generate new and repeat business. A good live-transfer system helps your company supply high-quality leads to its agents. This can differentiate your business from competitors that may not be using live-transfer processes.

If you've got a good live-transfer service, you should notice that it's attracting more and more agents to your agency over time.

Does it help reduce overhead?

When you find a lead-generation system that works well for your business, you may abandon some of the practices that weren't as successful. Since you'll have numbers to support the effectiveness of a live-transfer service, you can divert dollars away from methods that don't work. Reducing or eliminating spending on unproductive prospecting efforts will help cut costs and boost overall profitability.

Does it offer customizable program options?

At certain times, you may market a specific product due to new features or competitive rates. In these instances, you may also want to align that particular line of business with a targeted market segment. A quality live-transfer service will allow you to customize the types of prospects you'd like to reach. Make sure you can parse your marketing campaigns by line of business such as home or auto insurance prospects or reach recent eligible retirees for Medicare supplement policies, for instance.

Does it provide a measure of quality control?

In your past prospecting efforts on the phone, you've likely run into some dead ends: wrong number, not interested, Alice doesn't live here anymore —  the list goes on. Bad leads are a part of the deal, but some live-transfer services won't charge you if the handoff call doesn't meet certain specifications. It's important to choose a provider that backs up its promises. That way, you be confident that you're tossing some of your marketing dollars down the drain.

Try Live-Transfer Insurance Leads Today 

A booming insurance business isn't built in a day. You'll undoubtedly sift through numerous methods of acquiring customers before you settle on the perfect blend. While you're figuring out what works best, you'll need a steady stream of qualified prospects to keep the revenue flowing. Live-transfer leads help to deliver the results you'll need without occupying a ton of your time, so you can focus on strengthening all aspects of your business. 

If you're looking for a live-transfer provider that checks all the boxes we've discussed, then look no further. Let Nectar bring you promising live-transfer prospects that you can convert to customers for a lifetime. 

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