Nectar Marketplace has closed on January 22, 2024. However, you can still access Nectar leads, plus more via MediaAlpha for Agents, an easy to use, lead buying platform that connects you with high-intent consumers. Click here to get started. You can also email Questions? Visit our FAQs page!
Visit Our FAQs Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Nectar Discontinuation 1st Notification (Dec 4th 2023)

The Nectar Marketplace will sunset on January 22, 2024 and will no longer be available for purchasing insurance leads. But don’t worry, we have an alternative solution for you! MediaAlpha for Agents is an easy-to-use, lead-buying platform that connects you with consumers actively shopping for insurance. You’ll still have access to the same leads you’ve been buying from the Nectar Marketplace, but with additional sources of inventory to choose from.

MediaAlpha for Agents offers auto, home, health and life insurance leads to help you grow your business. Click here to learn more! You can also email

What does this mean for you? Check out this FAQ to help answer any questions you may have about your account. We appreciate your business and wish you the best.

If you have further questions, please reach out to your Account Coordinator or our team at

The Nectar Marketplace Team