Nectar Marketplace has closed on January 22, 2024. However, you can still access Nectar leads, plus more via MediaAlpha for Agents, an easy to use, lead buying platform that connects you with high-intent consumers. Click here to get started. You can also email Questions? Visit our FAQs page!
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Real-Time Health Insurance Leads

With Nectar, you get fresh health insurance shoppers delivered directly to you.

Finding Qualified Health Insurance Leads Has Never Been Easier

Real-time health insurance leads delivered straight to you

You control the types of leads you want to receive from us

Set when you want your leads, and when you don't

Filter your leads for geo-targeting and shopper segementing

No subscription required

Our platform integrates with select CRMs for your convenience

How Nectar Works

You Tell Us Your Ideal Customers and We Take Care of The Rest

Take the stress out of generating quality health insurance leads. You choose the types of leads you want, and we find and send you those leads in real-time.

Set Your Campaign and Go

There’s no need to set aside time to purchase lead blocks. You decide when you receive your leads, your maximum budget, and how many health insurance leads you want to receive.

Get Real-Time Health Insurance Leads Sent Straight to You

When we find an active health insurance shopper in your service area during the hours you want, we’ll connect them with you in real-time.

Learn more about our insurance leads

Are You Ready to Grow Your Health Insurance Business?

Sign Up with No Obligation

It’s your business. You should be in control. With Nectar, you’re not locked into anything.

Start Receiving Leads Today

Add funds to your account and only pay for the leads you receive.

Take the Guesswork Out of Lead Generation with Nectar

We combine data, technology, and efficient marketing methods to pinpoint the highest-quality health insurance leads.

Example of a Health Insurance Lead

Our proprietary technology connects you with fresh insurance leads who want what you have to offer.
Example of health insurance lead information which includes name, phone number, email address, address, age, gender, income, health conditions, and more.
Not a real lead

Health Insurance Leads Proudly Sourced From

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