Returns Policy

Last Updated 09-27-2022

All Nectar leads are sourced directly by Assurance IQ, and delivered to you within minutes of the shopper requesting a contact. From this pool, Nectar uses data science to screen in only high-intent shoppers. We’re proud of the lead quality this enables Nectar to offer, but we know that even with these practices, you may want to return a shopper. This returns policy describes the specific reasons you may return leads, and the process for doing so. All return requests are subject to this returns policy.

You can request a return for one of five reasons:

You can request a return from the Shopper Details page. You must request a return within 10 days of the Date Received shown on the Shopper Details page. Once Nectar receives your request, we may use a combination of automated and manual checks to verify the return reason. This may include contacting the Shopper to verify the reason you provide. If you have any questions about the Returns Policy or a return reason that is not listed above, please contact us at

You will be notified of the outcome within 14 days. If we accept your return request, the price you paid will be credited back to your Nectar wallet, and the Shopper will be removed from your account. If we decline your request, this outcome will be recorded on the Shopper Details page.

You will not be able to return any Shopper Referrals if your return rate (“Return Rate”) exceeds thirty percent (30%) over a rolling 14-day period. The Return Rate is calculated based upon the amount of Shopper Referrals returned by you divided by the amount of Shopper Referrals you have purchased. If you have met this thirty percent (30%) threshold, you will be notified when you attempt to make a return. During this attempt, you will not be able to return any more Shopper Referrals until you purchase more Shopper Referrals to lower the Return Rate below the thirty percent (30%) threshold. This Policy may be edited at anytime. When updates are made to this Policy, all Platform users will be communicated to regarding the changes.  

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